Where the stars look beautiful like nowhere else, where you breathe with your full lungs, where waves of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia intertwine, and where the last North Adriatic school of dolphins swim happily – that’s where the Lošinj Archipelago is located. This is a magical place that will seduce you with all its attributes - scents, tastes, sounds and preserved natural beauties.



Let yourself go! Enjoy a view of dolphins dancing in a school while a griffon vulture guards the sky, wall geckos happily crawl across house walls, and the best shrimp in the world plays the beat with its claws somewhere deep down in the sea



Let yourself go! See what it’s like to be pampered by nature that has given Lošinj 1018 plant species – 939 are autochthonous and 230 are herbs



Let yourself go! Let the song of the seagulls wake you, let the chirping of the birds put a smile on your face, let the crickets in the shade of pine trees put you to sleep, let the sounds of jazz make you dance, let the church bells calm you



Let yourself go! Dive into our world and feel the sun gently caress you, feel the rock trembling while the wave salutes it, see how pine trees catch the wind as it hides in their tops


Losinj | Souvenirs

The Lošinj Aromatic Garden
1. Aromatized sea salt Before Vegeta was invented, granny used to pick aromatic herbs and mix them with sea salt to make food even tastier. This product was made according to granny's secret recipe and entirely of domestic ingredients. 2. Myrtle liqueur Myrtle is a Mediterranean shrub tree that has found its way into many songs because of its beauty since the age of Ancient Greece to Goethe. This holy shrub abounds in the Lošinj...
Tehkon souvenirs
7. A vase of dried herbs on a plaque Various dried herbs (laurel, rosemary, lavender) are nicely arranged in a terracotta vase. The herbs can be edible so it can be held in the kitchen at hand’s reach while cooking or they can be aromatic and one touch can set off its fragrance. Other mixtures are available as well. Each bouquet may be supplemented by any guest with dried or fresh herbs of his/her choice, all from Lošinj’s...
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 231 968 GSM +385 (0)98 426 844 Email mirjanaspanicek@yahoo.com Website www.tehkon.hr
Petrica Podda
FOLK COSTUME FROM THE ISLAND OF SUSAK AS WELL AS FROM THE TWO SMALL TOWNS OF NEREZINE AND ORLEC Folk costume from the island of Susak as well as from the two small towns of Nerezina and Orlec Original folk costume from the island of Susak as well as both male and female folk costumes from Nerezina and Orlec. The costumes are artistically hand-made.
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 231 389
Danijela Mustać
1. Sansigota Sansigota is made from the wool from Lošinj sheep. Felt artists use the needle felting technique. The wool is hand-washed, combed and coloured. The work is inspired by the apparel from the island of Susak. 2. Felt-soap (soap with jute on top) Lavender soap, whose ingredients include glycerine and lavender essential oil, is felt into sheep wool and serves as body peeling. Lavender soap is suitable for all skin types.It has a...
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)98 191 3407
Ilona Purić
2. Eco-bag with a picture of the promenade An environmentally friendly linen bag with a picture of promenades and wonderful belvederes, silent coves, bushes of sage, immortelle, myrtle, that will evoke special memories of a pleasant vacation on our island and long walks by the sea. The pictures are painted with acrylic paint on the eco-bag.
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 231 939 GSM +385 99 6766 326 Email ilona_puric@yahoo.com
Željko Gadža
1. Strawberry-tree berry jam and brandy Autochthonous gastro products, with recipes and ingredients exclusively from the area of Lošinj. Fruit and other ingredients are picked directly over the localities of Lošinj. All products from this line carry the name of one microlocality from the area of Lošinj – hillocks, groves, coves etc.; they are „souvenir-packaged“, practical both for gifts as well as...
Biserka Matak
Biserka Matak, Mali Lošinj Lošinjskih brodograditelja 106 Tel: 051/ 231 150 Mob: 091 544 8999
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel 00385 (0)51 231 150 GSM 00385 (0)91 544 8999 ; 00385 (0)98 495 071 Email bmatak@inet.hr
Vesna Kuštrak Hesky
Souvenir Velološinjski grip This is a part of the gravestone that is built into the window sill in the Church of St. Anthony the Abbot in Veli Lošinj. The Veli Lošinj “grip” is the name of the souvenir made of ceramics which symbolizes the medallion from the sepulchral slab of the seaman from Veli Lošinj, Blaž Gladulić (1604). At the end of the 18th century, due to the expansion of the Parish Church of St....
[Mjesto] Veli Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 236 544 Email val@val-losinj.hr
Tomislav Kuliš
Candlestick souvenir A man from the Cres-Lošinj archipelago has always lived in accordance with nature, using all its benefits from the world of plants, therefore today our island is rightfully called „the island of vitality“. One of the recognizable trees on our island is definitely the olive. This is the tree we can also call the tree of life, used by each man on these islands for his own needs, as firewood in the house, for...
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)98 953 2624
Sana Vitas
Fragrant emotional luminarium The name of the souvenir is based on scents and tastes of Lošinj plants, positive emotions and lumin – an expression used on Lošinj for a small pot where in the old days people used to burn olive oil for illumination, and later they kept wax candles in it. This is a useful and decorative set for arousing good emotions. The set consists of: the base with two wooden slabs made from laurel tree...
Saša Ranac
Saša Ranac, Mali Lošinj Šime Kvirina Kozulića 15 Mob: 098 174 2850
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM 00385 (0)98 174 2850
Zoran Španja
Zoran Španja, Veli Lošinj Šestavina 2 Mob: 091 769 3195 E-mail: fotozoran@gmail.com
[Mjesto] Veli Losinj GSM 00385 (0)91 769 3195 Email fotozoran@gmail.com
Ursula Mužić
Benvin Đulijano
1. Kaštelanić extra virgin olive oil Olives of the variety Lussino, Orcola and Oblica are picked in the area above Osoršćica – the Podgora Nerezine part. 2. The ladle for stirring curdled milk It is made from the ramified and supple tip of “breka” or island spruce. It is used for stirring curdled milk from which cheese is made.
[Mjesto] Nerezine Tel +385 (0)51 237 161
Ivo Rušin
1. The amulet from Osoršćica A small stone with the figure of St. Gaudentius. This is an ideal memory of enjoyable climbing on Osoršćica and a total protection against poisonous snakes (in case you ever see them, but for your consolation, there are no snakes on this island). The small stone will also serve as a pencil holder on your desk. 2. The essential oil holder A simple souvenir, if you put a paper tissue in it and add...
[Mjesto] Nerezine GSM +385 (0)91 528 3958
Trgovački obrt Gulam
Souvenirs from olive trees The olive is the source of life, and one must sail.
Valter Vidulić
Spruce Old people of Lošinj would call it by its bad name „Smrcina“ because it can be picked anywhere. It has berries that can be used in different ways, but is mostly treated as weed. The tree has a wonderful reddish brown colour in the middle and the outer part is yellowish. Olive - various forms It's eternal and awe-inspiring, like the olive whose majestic interwoven branches are maintained by the artisan through...
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 232 480 GSM +385 (0)98 724 165 Email wvidulić@yahoo.com
Vanda Žic
Vanda Žic, Punat Krčka 67 Tel: 051/854 752 Mob: 091 564 7206 E-mail: pension.buka@ri.t-com.hr
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel 00385 (0)51 854 752 GSM 00385 (0)91 564 7206 Email pension.buka@ri.t-com.hr
Nena Nosalj Peršić
Alluvium – sailing boats and steam boats The sailing boats and steam boats are crafted from alluviul wood gathered on the shores of the island of Lošinj. Ships, shipbuilders and those who sailed on them in past centuries are today one of the most important characteristics of our island. These boats crafted from alluviul wood pay hommage to the maritime tradition of Lošinj.
[Mjesto] Veli Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 236 117 GSM +385 95 900 41 384 Email nena@ultramarin-art.hr Website www.ultramarin-art.hr
Danka Kajkara
Danka Kajkara, Mali Lošinj Braće Vidulića 55 Tel: 051/232 406 Mob: 098 384 301 E-mail: dragan.kajkara@jadranka.t-com.hr
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel 00385 (0)51 232 406 GSM 00385 (0)98 384 301 Email dragan.kajkara@jadranka.t-com....
Danijela Nurkić
Karmen Cesarić
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)99 256 3913 Email karmen85@gmail.com
Dubravko i Drita Mužić
Apoxiomen souvenir - bronze A replica of the statue, only reduced in size to a height of 21.5 cm. Bronze is used in the crafting of this souvenir and it is then patinated. The colour of the statue therefore is bronze-patinated, identical to the original. The statue is placed on a base made from Brač stone, height 3 cm with an engraving on the front „CROATIAN APOXIOMEN“ and on the back „Mali Lošinj“.
Anka Jović
Hidden treasure ‘I am hiding at the bottom of the sea, the fish are playing hide and seek with me. On dry land I am used for decorating tables, as a pencil holder and a bouquet of flowers.’
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)91 564 49 53
Aldina Stuparich Burić
Paintings of the Lošinj sailing ships The people of Lošinj have sailed the world on their sailing ships and contributed to the cultural and economic development of Lošinj. Our ancestors chose a sailing ship as their symbol which has adorned the Lošinj arms since the 19th century. The Lošinj sailing ships made by Aldina Stuparich are a memory of the most famous part of the Lošinj history, and of famous...
Damir Briški
Tryptich (wood with three postcards) A souvenir made from recycled wood (old window shutters, old wardrobes, waste pallets, etc.)
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)91 904 6695
Čazim Mehmeti
Lošinj boats In collaboration with old Lošinj caulkers, together with skilled workmen in the shipyard, and using old paintings of Lošinj and sailing boat regattas, authentic models of half-decked boats, half-decked one-mast fishing boats, double-ended boats and small flat-bottomed square-sterned rowboats, were crafted. Acclaimed Lošinj constructions and other souvenirs A fountain with two dolphins, the chapel of the...
Mirjana Jakupović
Paintings on cardboard, inserted into frames made from debris washed ashore or bamboo These are mostly seascape paintings showing the sea, beaches or picturesque bays surrounding the island of Lošinj. Every painting is in a frame of rope, wood washed ashore or bamboo.
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)98 975 1130 Email mjakupov@net.hr
Milica Grkinić
OPG "Bravdica"
Olive tree and fig jam (heavenly delicacy) This heavenly delicacy originates from the rich island flora, which creates special characteristics of our archipelago with its unique scents and tastes. With this delicacy we wish to present the richness of nature, prepared with a lot of love and care. The well-known fig jam is prepared according to the old, grandmother's recipe, from fresh figs coming from our own fig grove. This heavenly delicacy...
Nikola Starc
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 51 233 147 GSM +385 91 522 2547 Email krpica.cinci@gmail.com
Ljiljana Sklepić
Sculpture in stone “Islanders” Sculptures are made from “das” mass on alluvium or stone, protected with acrylic varnish paint. Each sculpture is a handmade unique item that presents an islander in a town or village folk costume, while doing his/her work activities, resting, daydreaming or hugging.
Klaudio Martinolić
Apoxiomen on parchment The Apoxiomen sculpture from antiquity is made in very high relief technique with elements of 3D modellation. The material is artificial stone, size 24 x 15 cm. The Apoxiomen is painted by hand with transparent colours and patinated.
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)91 517 0785
Lucija Lovrečić
Lošinj roof tile The Lošinj roof tile which protects our roofs from rain, wind and sun, was discarded by the builder and transformed in the hand of the artist. The simplest things which surround us can become an authentic souvenir, like the sturdy, centuries-old Mediterannean tile, which bears the scars of the past, the brute force of nature from one side and the warmth of home, shelter of family, hearth and safety, on the other...
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)98 1667 260
Loreta Vickić Rusijan
Prijava gostiju
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