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In 1987 a team of the Study Institute Tethys began a lengthy research of biology, ecology as well as social structure of the community of bottlenose dolphins that colonize the sea around the islands of Cres as well as Losinj. Today these dolphins are one of the best-explored teams in the entire Mediterranean.

The dimension of the area is estimated at 120 people. A lot of the people can be identified by photographs thanks to all-natural marks such as cuts as well as marks on their back fin, the component which is constantly to be seen when they appear to the surface area to breath the air.

There are lots of hazards to Cres-Lošinj dolphin population. Pleasure boating can physically block their movements whilst engine noise may interrupt their navigational detects.

Although among the most resistant and adaptable cetacean, great dolphins are progressively dying out in lots of parts of the world. The deliberate killing and also unintentional catch in fishing-nets represent an evident risk. Considering that 1995 Croatian law has shielded all cetaceans in our waters from physical damage and harassment.

You can help by taking on an environmentally friendly behaviour advertising lasting usage and the defense of the natural environment.

Join us in our job: Offering project is dedicated to extremely determined individuals that join us and spend 12 days in our field base, actively participating in our daily routine and acquiring knowledge as well as experience of collaborating with professional scientists in the field. If you desire to join among the volunteer stages or obtain more info on volunteering, inspect at