Fragrance festival

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Scent event

Mali Lošinj– square in front of the chuch of St. Joseph


09,00 – 12,00/ 19,00 – 23,00

The festival offers autochthonous island items (olive oil, honey, liqueurs, marmalades …) and also initial Lošinj mementos.

Laurus d.o.o.

  • “LS” Great smelling naturac cosmetics from the island Lošinj, Lošinj pomade, Lošinj bath salt, Lošinj body scrub, “Fragrances of the island”, MEDSPA FEELING – all-natural home deodorizers inspired by the island chain of Lošinj

OPG Negovetić

  • fig, lemon and also mandarin marmalades – lemon, mandarin, natural and walnut brandies and mead – olive oil as well as bottled olives

Tehkon souviners

  • A vase of dried out natural herbs on a plaque, Image on a Lošinj-scented padding, Geckos made from baked clay, Minis with seashells, Minis with plants

Petrica Podda (mementos).

  • outfits of the islands of Susak, Ilovik, Srakan, Nerezin as well as Orlec – granny’s towel – terracotta pieces – Lošinj in 1900.

Ilona Purić.

  • Eco-bag with an image of the boardwalk.

Mirjana Jakupović.

  • Paintings on cardboard, put right into structures made from debris washed onto land or bamboo.

The Lošinj fragrant yard.

  • Aromatized sea salt, Myrtle liqueur, Great smelling herbal liqueur „ My Island”, Great smelling sachet, Lemon liqueur, Lošinj tea, Fragrances and also flavours of Lošinj.

Danka Kajkara.

  • Miniature from Susak.

Saša Ranac.

  • sailing boat.