Stanzia Castellani

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Southern part of the island of Cres, the location extending from Osor to Punta Križa, has actually been settled because prehistory. A moderate Mediterranean environment which on the island of Cres a little changes into continental, a rich plant life of evergreen-oak and pasture lands plentiful with aromatic and also aromatic plants, have drawn in various worlds. One can pick up a powerful power of this area.

Stanzia Castellani is at a distance of 5 kilometres from Osor in the direction of Punta Križa, listed below an archaeological site Vela Straža. Five years ago the Business EUROPA NOVA d.o.o planted larger fields of lavender, lavender haze, rosemary, imortelle, pyrethrum and also other perfumed natural herbs on the revived farmhouse residential or commercial property.

Within a beautiful as well as varied Mediterranean nature abundant in colours, aromas and also noises, we incorporate entirely ecological practises as well as lots of love when taking care of our plants. Consequently nature itself has actually awarded us with an amazing fruit high quality.

Captivating fragrances of blossoming lavender and also lavender haze offer an all-natural aromatherapy for all Stanzia visitors. Our dream is to share this consistency of beauty with others and that is why we created a go through the aromatic areas and timber for each and every of you to feel as well as give up to magic power of nature. We also had in mind those of you that desire to know more concerning our planted as well as aboriginal plants, their usage and also ways of their cultivation as well as processing. Aromatherapy workshops held by licensed aromatherapist will certainly use you an opportunity to create the finest all-natural cosmetics based on important oils created from plants expanded at Stanzia Castellani building. A stroll via the grown area led by expert recommendations will present you to a cultural heritage of our island, farmhouses as well as the island’s significant agricultural activity– sheep-farming.

Lavender vital oil, containing a concentrated life energy as well as power from a plant itself, due to its advantageous effects, has actually been referred to as an alternative medicine given that the ancient times. Besides lavender vital oil (Lavandula angustifolia) which stands for the queen of aromatherapy we also produce two sorts of lavender mist crucial oil (Lavandula x intermedia) Grosso as well as Budrovka, both expanded at our building. In our valuable scented containers we additionally pour rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) and immortelle (Helychrysum italicum) crucial oil.

Our offer likewise includes revitalizing and widely made use of appeal products hydrolats– environmentally created floral water of lavender, lavender mist, rosemary and also immortelle.

Our fields are house to old olive trees as well as we have additionally grown brand-new ranches of this worthy tree. Added virgine olive oil generated from its fruits besides culinary additionally has a medical helpful features.

You can attempt and also buy all our items at our Stanzia Castellani ranch, delays at ‘Event of fragrances’ in Mali Lošinj and also at ‘Creska butega’- an exhibition of initial island’s items.

You may visit Stanzia Castellani on Thursday from 9-13 or any other day upon arrangement for teams with more after that 10 people.

Contact number 0994045912 or e-mail: [email protected]