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The Sea turtle Rescue Centre, opened on the 19th of July 2013, is located near the swimming pool location of Resort Vespera, in Sunčana uvala, Mali Lošinj. It is an area where harmed sea turtles will certainly be given with specific treatment and recovery. The centre is a part of the centers created by the Blue Globe Institute as part of the job: ‘Network for the Preservation of Cetaceans and Sea Turtles in the Adriatic (NETCET)’ which is co-financed by EU IPA Adriatic CBC Programme.

This centre gives centers for the professional treatment of these threatened animals, including a procedure room, a seclusion swimming pool and also longer-term environmentally regulated recovery pools for the treatment of ill or wounded of the animals. Sea turtles are incredibly durable so if help can be provided in rescue centres it can allow them to totally recoup and they can be effectively launched back in to the wild.

The centre also gives an opportunity for site visitors for more information concerning these pets through films, touchscreen applications as well as versions, and also when turtles are in healing, visitors may see them, with minimal disruption. Additionally the centre will certainly organise release occasions, with some turtles satellite marked to allow site visitors monitor their activities after they are launched.

Sea turtles are an old team of animals, populating the Earth for numerous years. Today they deal with a number of risks that create their decline. Of the seven varieties of sea turtles that live today, three species have actually been frequently observed in the Mediterranean Sea. Nevertheless, the loggerhead turtle is the major varieties that lives in the Adriatic Sea all year. It nests on beaches in Greece, Turkey and also Cyprus. After hatching they creep to the sea as well as swim in the direction of the open water where they develop. During this phase they enter the Adriatic Sea. In the north Adriatic they enter the benthic stage of their lifecycle when they prey on the shellfish snails and shells from the sea bed. As the north Adriatic is a superficial sea it represents an essential environment for loggerhead turtles.

If you would like to understand even more regarding our job, please visit us in the harbour of Veli Lošinj or the brand-new Turtle Rescue Centre in Suncana uvala, if you are not able to find personally, discover every little thing on our website

The Centre is open each day from 10 until 21 except Saturday.

Our number is 00385 (0 )51 604 666 or 00385 (0 )91 76 97 442