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Regarding event
Mali Lošinj has a year-long practice of spear-fishing. Back in 1950 the first gun for spear angling showed up to Mali Lošinj as a brand-new fishing tools, giving way to a new group– spear-fisher, that had actually not been pointed out in the Sea Fishing Act of that period.

Currently back in 1956 there was a Champion of Northern Adriatic in spear-fishing in neighborhood waters of Lošinj, and also in 1957 Mali Lošinj ended up being recognized among spear-fishers because of its organization of the 1st World Championship in spear-fishing. Since then it has ended up being a member of the globe map of spear-fishing.

Since 1957 Mali Lošinj is the area of the traditional competition– New Year’s Mug in spear-fishing. There is a deep and also unbroken bond in between Lošinj people as well as spear-fishing, confirmed by a monument to spear-fisher in the center of Lošinj.

Along to the competition itself, there will certainly additionally be numerous accompanying manifestations, performances, exhibitions, regattas … We want all participants have a great catch and also a positive stay in Lošinj and we welcome all that may be interested to check out Lošinj during nowadays, watch the competition and appreciate themselves in countless manifestations.